‘Why am I learning this? I’ll never use it in the future!’

It may seem that some of the things you learn at school you will never need or use again. We get it.
You are actually developing a whole range of skills that will be useful in life after school.

Reminder: We all learn things in our own time and much of our worldly know-how comes from our own real life experience and trial and error.
We asked a few young adults about the sorts of things they wished they had known when striking out on their own.

Check them out below, but first:

“Here is the secret: One of the fundamental building blocks of grit is understanding that asking for, and accepting help, does not equate to weakness. It is really a strength. A strength that expands your network and opens you up to increased opportinues.” – Desiree Adaway

Who can help me?
Where can I explore life skills independently?
Life skills myth busting
Myth #1: I make $500 per week, so I can spend $500 per week.

Sure, you can easily find a way to spend every dollar you earn every week. This is referred to as living pay check to pay check.
Tip: Start implementing good financial habits now. Saving just a little every week can really add up over time and give you a buffer in times of emergencies.

Myth #2: Schools are responsible for teaching me what I need to know about starting my adult life.

If you walked away from school feeling unprepared to manage your career, further education, or day-to-day living as a young adult, you’re definitely not alone! Truth is, it’s not historically or currently the responsibility of schools to teach you those soft skills – how to actually be an adult.
The Bayside, Glen Eira, and Kingston City Councils would be great places to start looking for some advice – they all employ Youth Workers who can offer you support.

Myth #3: I have to be REALLY struggling in order to ask for help.

You don’t need to be experiencing a crisis in order to seek support.
Wouldn’t you agree it’s easier to resolve small concerns than big problems?
Reminder: It is a strength be able to recognise when you need help and admirable to ask for that help.
Did you know: You can get some free/reduced cost counselling sessions with a mental health professional by going to your GP and asking for a Mental Health Care plan There are also places like Better Place Australia that can offer you financial counselling so you can start your adult life on the right money track!
Tip: Not sure where to seek help? Contact your local Council to connect with a Youth Worker.

Myth #4: I should know what I need to do to manage life when I leave school – it looks like everyone else does!

Appearances can be deceiving!

You might feel that everyone around you seems to have everything together, especially in today’s world of social media portraying “perfect” lives . The reality is, no one is perfect. No one feels good all of the time. No one knows how to do something the best way possible the first time they try it.

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