‘How do I choose the right course for me?!’

No matter what your past education looks like, if you want to be educated, you have options.

Going to university after completing year 12 is just one way to gain the qualifications and experience you need for a career.

Reminder: Opportunities exist beyond pursuing one specific education pathway.

Right now have a go: Pair self-exploration with advice-seeking.

Turn to a careers counsellor, youth transitions worker, or other professionals knowledgeable of pathways to help you be informed about your options.

” The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Jan Owen FYA

Stats about Education

“46.2% of young people in Victoria said they participated in volunteer work last year 30% planned on taking a gap year after school 69.6% were planning on going to uni 8.7% planned on going to TAFE 33.6% said they would get a job.“ – Mission Australia Youth Survey 2019

“Nearly 30% of domestic commencing bachelor-degree students are admitted to uni based on previous higher education study. These include students who attended pathway colleges that award undergraduate diplomas, students switching courses or universities, and students returning for a second degree. 12% of applicants are admitted based on their vocational education qualifications or experience.“ – Grattan Institute 2018

Who can help me?
Where can I explore education options independently?
Education Mythbusting
Myth #1: I can’t go to uni because I didn’t do VCE studies.

Fact: You absolutely can go to university if you want to.
The way may be more direct if you’ve finished Year 12 with an ATAR, but if you don’t have one, there are a variety of ways to get into a uni course. These are referred to as pathways.

Myth #2: I have to go to uni to get a well-paying job.

Fact: Uni isn’t the only or often even the best way of earning a good salary. Some of the top-earning jobs were achieved without a university degree.
Reminder: Just like there are many pathways to go to university there are also many pathways to secure yourself a well paying job.

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Myth #3: Changing my mind about my study path will set me back too far;
I should just finish the course I started even though I’m not happy with it.

Fact: It’s totally ok to change your mind.
It may seem like a setback initially but the experience and decision could be valuable for a number of reasons.
You learnt something new about yourself.
If you weren’t happy with the course you probably wouldn’t have been happy with a career in that industry.
Your interests lie elsewhere.
You are saving yourself time and money by making the change now.
All or some of your credits may transfer to another course which means this change isn’t a complete setback after all.
There will be a sense of relief making a decision and pursuing a course you’re really interested in!
Making a decision could actually mean that you perform better in your classes.

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Myth #4: VET is only for people who didn't do well in secondary school.

Fact: University is not for everyone. We all learn in different ways and each pathway caters for those differences. The perception that VET studies / TAFE is for those who aren’t as smart as people who go to uni is completely incorrect!

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Myth #5: All the knowledge and skills I need for my career will come from what I'm studying at TAFE/uni.

TAFE/Uni helps you develop skills related to the industry and specific job you’re aspiring to.
Tip: The top place to learn job skills that employers want is through on the job work experience.

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